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About SafeGARD

About SafeGARD

System Concept

A wireless sensor is attached to the exterior of each safe door. The sensors create an invisible electronic grid that covers the safe doors. Each opening or closing of a safe is detected by the sensors and reported to the SafeGARD computer. The SafeGARD software manages access to the safes.  When unauthorized access is detected, an alarm is generated and the event is recorded. The system assists in management of the safety deposit room, organizing all related data and performing tasks such as client identification and journal management. In self service configuration, access is controlled via a panel similar to that of an ATM which customers are already familiar with.

Economic Benefits

SafeGARD enables conversion of ordinary vault rooms to self-service operation.  As a result, operating costs can be substantially reduced.

Even in non-self service configurations, SafeGARD eliminates the requirement for close client supervision enabling more efficient use of the bank clerk's time.

Security Benefits

SafeGARD enhances security by continuously monitoring all safes. Unauthorized access immediately triggers an alarm. A variety of techniques may be employed to ensure more accurate identification of clients including:
  • Magnetic Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Biometric Techniques
SafeGARD enables more accurate enforcement of client access conditions (for example in a case were two clients must access a safe jointly).

Management Benefits

The SafeGARD software assists in the management of the vault rooms.  The system computer stores of the information required to manage a vault room.  The system performs accurate logging of events.

Ease of Installation

SafeGARD can be installed on any existing safety deposit boxes. SafeGARD is installed externally, it is not necessary to open any safes. Installation of 1000 safes can be completed within 3 days.

System Configurations